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The objectives of the Association shall be:


To manage the Bennetts End Community Centre, (hereinafter called “the Centre”) on behalf of residents living in Bennetts End and the surrounding area.


To promote use of the Centre as a community facility and resource for the social, leisure, and educational interests of all residents of Bennetts End and the surrounding area without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or political, religious or other opinion.


To ensure that all sections of Bennetts End and the surrounding area (especially young people, black and minority ethnic groups, older people and people with a disability) are aware of this valuable resource and have opportunities to use the Centre and activities to meet their needs and interests.


Membership on the Committee shall be open, irrespective of gender, disability, race, sexuality, nationality and political or religious belief.


All individuals 18 years and over who live in Bennetts End and the surrounding area. Former residents of Bennetts End may continue as members on the Committee should the said Management Committee feel this would be beneficial and maintains continuity of service.


The Association Committee meet regularly and hold an AGM each year.


Committee members shall be elected at the AGM, and members are encouraged to attend all committee meetings.

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